徐 Artisanal flower tea

徐 is an artisanal flower tea packaging design. It aims to address issues of excessive materials used in production by identifying redundant materials used tea packaging.

The packaging also strives to meet user needs. A small-scale primary and secondary research is conducted, and the findings revealed that consumers have a tendency to smell perishable products, and prefer products with convenient, multi-functions. The packaging then address their needs by infusing the tea leaves in the packaging, allowing it to have olfactory properties, as well as having design considerations which makes the tea-steeping experience much easier.

The hand-drawn pattern of the flowers and brand logo strives to embody the exquisite and oriental experience when steeping the tea.

The form and paper engineering behind the packaging helps to keep the freshness of the tea leaves. The sachets are attached to packaging itself, where the user can tear along the perforation to steep the tea. The hooks which are used to hold the packaging together can also be hooked at the edge of the cup to hold the tea bag in place.


徐 Artisanal Flower Tea was awarded the ASPaC 2019 Fine Works Certificate, Singapore Round.

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