The Daily Movement

The Daily Movement is a fitness, health and wellness initiative based in Singapore. It is founded during the COVID-19 circuit breaker by a team of certified fitness instructors and creatives, wanting to create an accessible platform where anyone can take part in professional fitness classes and contribute to vulnerable communities.

The brand logo is formed by combining the shapes of “D” and M”. It is made to resemble a person in movement to reflect the brand’s vision of enabling vulnerable communities to continue moving ahead through charity fitness classes. The brand icon is also designed to be versatile enough to be used differently for special occasions without compromising the core of the brand identity.

The classes are meant for anyone and everyone from all fitness levels and  backgrounds, and the brand illustrations aims to capture the element of accessibility and inclusivity.

Co-Founder, Creative Lead & Content Strategist – Kiat Tan WJ
Designer & Illustrator – Chee Yang Han

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