Long Before Your Time

This is a visual response to re-imagine Singaporean sitcoms as part of Netflix Singapore’s National Day Campaign brief. The title taken is “Under One Roof”, a sitcom centred around family bonds and racial harmony narratives, delivered through comedy.

The core of this response was to highlight the evolution of the meaning of a living room. The consumption of mass media has changed over the years, and it has also transformed the significance of a living room. We saw parallels between that and the living room scenes in Under One Roof was the most memorable–Tan Ah Teck delivering the moral of his stories. We also appropriated his iconic line, and the sitcom’s sound effect as well as opening credit.

As the brief was to interest younger generations in the local golden sitcom days, we decided to render the iconic living room in Under One Roof, following closely to the furniture and the layout.

Under One Roof Making 2
Shopping Basket