FINN is a computer game concept which aims to alleviate economic insecurities in Singaporean households by imparting desirable financial habits to youths through gameplay. 

Research findings revealed that Young Singaporeans are not conversant with desirable financial habits because of the home and school environment. The gap in financial literacy efforts at the Secondary Education due to resources, manpower, students’ interest and capacity, hinder efforts to effectively inject financial literacy lessons in the curriculum.

Through our primary and secondary research findings, it was revealed that there is a myriad of issues which inhibits the possibilities of learning desirable financial habits. The most valuable takeaway is that children have the ability to break out of the poverty trap, and the power to influence those around them.

The research insights were taken into consideration, and led us to the decision that a computer game would prove as a widely-accessible resource for youths to learn financial literacy habits. With a meticulously designed gameplay, players will learn how to juggle between finance and personal well-being through re-playable scenarios. There are 3 different game characters, each having a compelling storyline and objective, where players will learn different financial skillsets, and also about the less fortunate around us and how we can be compassionate towards them.

FINN is a “Just About Managing” brief finalist for the RSA Student Design Awards, 2019/20

Copywriting – Chee Yang Han
Illustration – Carolina Rusli
Game Mechanics – Nurliana Sabrina Zahari

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