EZ-Link Prepaid

This project is a B2B branding concept for EZ-Link. It aims to capture the swift and accurate transactions the service offers. The logotype and brand icon re-design strives to embody the characteristics of the brand.

The “Z” in the logotype is the brand icon. The negative space is shifted to the “Z”. It is a visual icon which consumers can quickly draw connections to the brand itself. It strives to create a wind-swept movement, coupled with the italics represents the swiftness and efficiency the card offers, while the clean edges of the typeface reflects the precision and accuracy it will provide businesses with. 

As the brand strives to embody the swiftness and accuracy of the service provided, the logotype works on a grid which is sheared by 10 ° to the left to create a visual symbolism of movement. 


Art Direction & Illustration – Chee Yang Han
Logotype & Tagline – Roderick Pan Jun Hui
Virtual Brand Identity – Lim Wei Hui

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