Adam & eve

Adam & Eve are exhibited works at UltraSuperNew (Singapore) which ran from 13- 19 December 2019.

The narrative of the works exhibited here are stemmed from the social normalisation of contemporary issues. Over time, these biting issues have been swept under the rug and forgotten. What if we choose to revisit these ideas, and explore the possibilities in which our stubborn and egoistical choices affect the human body?

This series of work serves as a creative response to climate change and the politics which comes with it. The works question the extent to which mankind is willing to sacrifice in order to stay alive in this dying planet. Will we be too egoistic and stubborn a species to admit defeat, and take evolution into our own hands? 

Some believe that the body is a shell for a soul. We like to think that we have control and autonomy over our actions and thoughts. Yet, with the violence of bio-politics that we are constantly subjected to, it erodes our individualistic values and beliefs. After all that is said and done, is there any left of us?

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